Wire money to anywhere* in the world with us through MONEYGRAM®. Send** and receive*** money in minutes.

Send up to $1,000 to Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala!

For daily exchange rates**** please contact us.

*As MONEYGRAM® agents we reserve the right not to send to certain countries.
**Send amount is limited to $1,000.00 per customer per two weeks.
***Receive amount is limited to $1,000 per customer per two weeks.
****Exchange rates vary.

Moneygram now requires identification to send a wire transfer.
Moneygram may choose to cancel a wire that does not meet compliance criteria.
For more information contact Moneygram directly at 1-800-866-8800.

Identificacion requerida para mandar o recibir cualquier cantidad de dinero.
Esta regla es de Moneygram International.
Para mas informacion llamales directo al 1-800-866-8800.

Limite $1,000 dolar por quincena por cliente.
Identificacion requerida para recibir dinero de cualquier cantidad.
El Guero LLC sigue todas reglas del USA Patriot Act contra el lavado de dinero.